Friday, June 06, 2008

My First Ever TGIF

I used to hate Fridays as many who have read here for a while know, but not today. Today I fully understand "Thank G-d It's Friday!"

I spoke too soon about my return to full time honest to G-d blogging. The storm is officially over, but there is quite a bit more post-storm clean up than I expected. For example, it is now 1:26 and I am sitting at my desk for the first time all day and only for the few moments is will take me to type this out. See, you do take priority with me. I will be getting back up shortly to get back to my phone calls. I hate phone calls.

Anyways, have a wonderful weekend to each and every one of you. I survived this week nicotine free! I will be visiting you later tonight.


Serena Joy said...

I went through one of these kinds of events once, so I know there's a lot of fallout to be cleaned up.

Hope you're having a relaxing weekend.:)

Kanrei said...

Thank you SJ. I know I have not lived up to my blogging promise, but I went to bed at 12 last night and slept until 2 this morning. I have not slept really all week. Things will be better in the long run and we are being the bigger people in this by still smiling and being friendly to all. We can't help being any other way.

VE said...

Well, I totally got behind myself. Had to visit the girlfriend's family this weekend. A nearly five hour drive to a place that felt like it was January. Fun fun.