Friday, April 25, 2008

Thrilled it is Friday

‘Cause this is Friday
Friday alright!
We’re fighting every way yo
Against a week with 7 days yo
Yes this is Friday
Friday Alright!
This week is gonna end now
And it’s Friday

I am so mixed about this upcoming weekend. I am thankful to be off from work, but am not totally psyched about being home without my PS3. I think my lack of a life is going to come home to roost this weekend. I may actually (hold on to your hats) have to leave my home and do something….outside. Oh my! Does the sun hurt?

I honestly don’t have that much to say today. The weekend is set and everyone has worked exactly as much as they wanted to with nobody pissed off at me. This is always a great way to start the weekend. Yes, my head is still killing me, but I will be home soon and so shall you be.

Have a great weekend.


Serena Joy said...

Honey, the sun does not hurt. I promise. Unless you have some vampire genes that you've been keeping secret. Go out! Please!! You just might like it out there.:-)

VE said...

Come on now; you have a new patio. Get out there. You don't need Sims: The Outdoors to do it.

Your plight got me thinking about a new business idea: Set up a place that people can go and book time with PS3,X-Box; whatever game they want to play and be able to play it on a huge hi-def screen and surround sound. Features all the state-of-the-art gaming items. I wonder how many people would use it...

sprinkle4 said...

It sounds like you may have a detox headache:) Go out on the patio, fire up the grill (or whatever you want to fire up) kick back and do might find that you like it even more than PS3. Okay, I know probably not....but maybe!