Friday, April 18, 2008

Full Moon Friday

I am sitting here at my work computer, Diet Coke to my left and pretzel Goldfish to my right, and wondering just how evil tonight's "Full Moon Friday" is going to be to me. Yes, that's right, it is once again Friday and time for our weakly celebration of this ending week AKA "It's Friday!!!" (applause)

Ironically, even though I know the full moon is coming, and it has been screwing with me this week, I am in a rather good mood today. I think it has a lot to do with the huge number of patients we have this weekend which kind of secretly lets me know our drought is just about over.

Yes, the recession has hit the medical industry rather hard and the medical research industry even harder. Add to the recession those reports of how the FDA is overwhelmed and we really saw a drastic cut back in the number of studies we were doing, but all is getting better as of this weekend.

On a political note, the time has come for either Hillary or Obama to drop out of the race. The longer the two of them fight, the more divided the DNC will become and the harder those divisions will be to overcome. The fighting has gotten beyond ugly and is corroding the very core they will need if we ever want to get out of Iraq and save this nation. So I say this to the two DNC candidates:

It is time for the two of you to meet, come to an agreement you both can live with, and allow the party to come together. Your egos are the least important thing riding on this election, but I am thinking it is the most important aspect of it to you; both of you. Do you want to really help this country, or fullfill some sense of destiny you feel you are entitled to? If you really want to help us, then do the right thing and stop dividing the party because, if you cannot unify a party where people generally already agree, then how are you going to unite a country that generally doesn't?

Have a great weekend. I will be rocking out with my PS3 for that last weekend before it goes off to the doctor for G-d knows how long. I hope the full moon treats you well.


Serena Joy said...

I know the moon is coming but, oddly enough, it hasn't affected me yet. Too much. I suppose it's possible that I went so psychotic over the last few that this one's going to give me a break. Have a wonderful, ray-free weekend!:)

VE said...

Good callout Kan. Why is it the democratic party can never see the bigger picture? I'm quite nervous to think of McCain in office. I don't really want to follow stupid with angry...