Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Bitter Truth (or the Truth of Why I was Bitter)

OK, honesty time. I avoided the internet yesterday not because it was “April Fool’s Day” and I feared being fooled, but rather because it was “April Fool’s Day” and I got fooled first thing in the morning. I was ashamed and embarrassed because I shared this fool on me before I caught it and was therefore publicly fooled. I am thinking some back story would help you digest all of this.

I am addicted to a game called Rock Band. I think I have mentioned it before here and therefore will not explain it again, but I do need to rehash the DLC aspect of the game for this story to work. See, they release DLC or “Down Loaded Content” for this game weekly which consists of about three songs for $1.99 each, but rumors of full albums have been circulating since before the game was released.

Yesterday I read a story about how Axl Rose (of Guns N’ Roses fame) had decided that Rock Band was the future of the music industry and he would therefore release the new Guns N’ Roses album named “Chinese Democracy” as a DLC for Rock Band one week before the CD was to be released in stores. This made perfect sense to me considering that Rock Band has apparently sold more than 5 million songs as DLC since the game was released three months ago.

Happily, I took my happy cyber-ass over to the Rock Band Forums and saw that I was the first to have discovered this awesome news, so I eagerly posted a new thread to the forum about this great bit of information I had discovered, ready to be regaled a hero for breaking this exciting news and forgetting the date was April 1st. It took all of two minutes before somebody noticed the last track on the supposed song list for the album was a song called “April Fool’s Day.” SONOFABITCH! I got fooled first thing in the morning! Bah humbug. Publicly fooled on top of that.

At least the only people to see it are fellow gaming nerds unless I do something stupid like telling this tale on my blog….


Serena Joy said...

I can see where the thread made in a state of high excitation might have been embarrassing but, hey, don't sweat it! It WAS, after all, April Fool's Day. And what the heck -- you have a brand new patio; they don't.:)

VE said...

A true lemming SHOULD go along with it. You should have pointed that out; true or untrue.

Hey, you didn't see me doing something as juvinile as doing an April Fools joke. I might do one next month when nobody expects it though...

VE said...

Friday rant, Friday rant, we want the rant. Friday rant, Friday rant, we want the rant. (repeat until irritating...)

Kanrei said...

It is in development as we speak...pending final script approval.