Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What is With the Rubber Chicken Key Ring Already?

There has been some slight abstract weirdness here at the Lemming House as of late that I feel I should apologize for. While I am having a great amount of fun writing that stuff, I am not giving any thought to how much fun my reader may be having reading it. It is abstract and weird and basically devoid of any real purpose other than what I feel is a clever juxtaposition of words and I could be very wrong at that. It could be trying to be witty and failing miserably. I could be losing you with every word.

I have thought long and hard about my ever changing blog and what exactly I am doing it. I started off writing essays, moved to politics and reviews, swore never to write any form of “online diary”, tried some fiction, tried some poetry, tried some parody, wrote some “online diary” stuff, dwelled on pop culture, and have recently been exploring that sealed off part of my mind where things more collide into each other over traveling together.

I am honored that you have come along for the ride, but I am feeling like I owe you some form of consistency or at least quality to my rants. What am I saying lately exactly? A Rubber chicken key ring for G-d’s sake? What am I even talking about any more?

Here is my question. This is not an appeal for praise or to build my sense of self up or anything egocentric like that. This is a question strictly about those reading here and why: what do you find here that keeps you coming back exactly? Is it the politics? Or the pop culture commentary? Or is it these weird rubber chicken key ring rants? Do I make you smile daily? Weekly? Once in a blue moon?

OK, these are questions and not a single question like I implied, but I really think I want to know. I enjoyed writing these last few abstract posts, but have you enjoyed reading them or are you just killing time until I interest you again? I write what I want to write, but I also realize that a writer is nothing without a reader and the writer does owe some consideration to those reading their work. Feedback is essential.


Serena Joy said...

Hmmm. I come back because I'm grateful there's a Lemming House to come back to. Wayward lemmings get lost a lot, you know.

Seriously, I think it's the mark of a good writer to be able to write about a wide array of subjects. Some days you might do politics, some days pop culture, some days Chicken Cult manifestos. An active mind can't tolerate the strictures of limitations; it wants to explore a diversity of subjects. And I think you do a fine job of it. You get a big thumbs up from me.:)

Kanrei said...

Thank you. Never fear for the Lemming House will always stand as a refuge for those poor lost lemmings.

ThatGreenyFlower said...

Serena says it best: An active mind can't tolerate the strictures of limitations; it wants to explore a diversity of subjects. And I think you do a fine job of it. You get a big thumbs up from me.:)

I happen to have loved the surrealism of the recent posts. The Circular Nothings, in particular, are a stroke of hilarious genius.

I visit because sometimes you are very insightful and sometimes you are very funny. Sometimes both at the same time. Your blog (and everyone elses' I read regularly) takes me away from where I am, which is basically why I'm here--to see other perspectives and shift out of my own head-space for a little while.

Serena Joy said...

Oh, my goodness, you've decorated the joint for Halloween. Cool!

VE said...

I like a mix too. I never know what I'll find at the Lemming House. As long as it's original or you. I don't too much like the online journal format although I do read a couple if they write it well. I'm a big proponent of originality. Creativity and originality in whatever form you feel like doing for the day is perfect by me! I choose to keep to a strictly zany comedy style but just because I seem to be able to do it easily. That doesn't mean I'd want you to be as narrowly defined.

Kanrei said...

My mind has always worked this way, but I keep most of it internal. I get weird looks from people when I let it fly. It really does hinder a normal life when you can't see the forest, or the trees, but you can the leaves.
I am getting to a point where I feel comfortable writing these thoughts down, but still have that same nervousness about it as well.

Roxan said...

I get you on the feed back. It is important to a writer. I find I'm somewhat dull when I write about myself. My fiction is so much more interesting. I think I won't blog for awhile, but then I'm asked why I don't. It's confusing.

Kanrei said...

Oh how I wish I could do fiction. I mean really do fiction. I can come up with plots and themes and characters, but have real problems putting it all together in a story.