Friday, October 19, 2007

30 Days of Friday

We are in the last few moments of my “working Friday” and just a few moments away from my “relaxing Friday.” Yes, there is a relaxing aspect to my Fridays. I realize that over the last year I have only spoken of the rough nasty patches that Friday treats me to, but that is only because “It’s Friday” is usually written while at work. Today I am writing it while in my last 20 minutes of work so I am already at home in my head.

I am not going to take too much of your time today simply because I am lazy and, as I already said, am already on my couch, feet up, PJ’s on, remote in hand, and flipping wondering why nothing is ever on.

This weekend is part two of my “Annual Halloween Horror Fest” with this weekend being the “Attack of the Zombies.” Time to rush out and rent/ buy some of those classic films of the undead variety and join me in watching society crumble under the weight of the deceased. This weekend’s selections are: Dawn of the Dead; Bubba Ho-Tep; Evil Dead 2 (a yearly tradition), Return of the Living Dead part 2, and probably the two parts of the 28 (Days, Weeks) Later series if time allows. I hope you join in for at least one.

Next weekend will be “Cheesy 80’s Slasher Flicks” so please give any suggestions for your favs. Sorry I forgot to inform you about “Inbred Redneck Cannibal Mutant” weekend, but it was not very good. Outside of the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”and “House of 1000 Corpses” there really is a serious lacking of quality Redneck horror films. The Hills Have Eyes sucked so bad I did not even bother watching part two. Returned them both the same night I rented them actually.

So, whose game? Ready to get scared?

Happy Friday to all and to all a good weekend.


VE said...

Sounds like fun! 28 days later was good. I'm Living Dead purist has to be the originals for me. Let's see...for next week I'll nominate two obscure movies. The People Under the Stairs and Bad Ronald.

ThatGreenyFlower said...

Bubba Ho Tep was GREAT. I also loved Sean of the Dead.

Kanrei said...

People Under Stairs was decent. It did have a strong Twin Peaks connection so I dug that -D

How can anyone not like a movie with Elvis and JFK fighting a mummy in a Texas old age home?

Nessa said...

Unfortunately I'm not much of a Horror Film watcher. Would a Chick Flick be scary enough for you?

Kanrei said...

Depends on the Chick Flick. The Mirror Has Two Faces was one of the most scary movies I have ever seen.

Camille Alexa said...

I'm not so much for the horror either (as y'all know), though I adore Dead Alive.

Not necessarily slasher flicks, but how about trying Basket Case (1982)? I seem to remember that was pretty funny. Re-Animator, maybe (that's 1985)? My favourite (after Dead Alive) might be The Omega Man (I'm cheating; that's 1971, though Dead Alive is 1992 anyway), which is really classified as Dark SF, not horror, as is The Thing (another good 1980s scary movie--1982, to be exact).

Punny Yumpkin said...

Do you know that your 'Read More' button does not work. Of course I loved Sean of the Dead, but to tell the truth the typical slasher films turn me off. Have you ever seen the Re-animator or any other movie made frp H.P. Lovecraft's writings. I'm sure they will suffice fore Halloween. STOMP!

Kanrei said...

Birdie!!!! I love The Thing. I have never seen Dead Alive althought I know the box cover rather well (figure that one out). Is it scary or stupid and fun?

Hi Punny. Glad to see you here. You must be a good friend to cover Scary's blog. I don't think anyone I know would do that for me.

I saw Re-Animator when I was young. I had heard about the famous oral sex scene and had to see it myself. I remember that, but do not remember much else other than a dead cat running around a room. I really need to see it again I think.

Camille Alexa said...

Uhm...I'd have to say stupid and fun. Sorry; I know that's not what you're looking for.

Camille Alexa said...

And it's funny: I don't think of myself as having a thing for zombies, but all my favourites are zombie flicks: Shawn of the Dead, Dead Alive, even The Omega Man. Go figure.