Thursday, May 05, 2016

Time to Post Something...Anything

The deal is I have something or some things on my mind that are yearning to be released, but they also refuse to allow me to know what they are before being released.   Given they intend to use my name to gain access to the world, I feel it is acceptable for me to insist upon knowing what they are before being released.   What if they mourn Cruz's  departure or starts talking up Clinton?   What if they justify a vote for Trump?   I can't have my name attached to such things in today's world; not if I intend to put it online which I do for some unknown reason.

No really: why am I posting this crap?   Can it help me?  No.  Can it hurt me?  Most certainly.  You never know what position you take today that will become the liability of tomorrow.   Early Communists didn't know what Lenin or Stalin had planned and Germany didn't know Hitler's intent.  Nothing I say is that radical, but who know how the winds of acceptable uses of free speech will blow tomorrow?

I have become obsessed with this fluid nature of reality and have dedicated far too much time breaking it down and looking at it from all angles, but there is a major flaw in all of it I can't accept and that is the fluid nature of reality.   See, I must use my mind to process what I see, hear, feel, and think and if my mind is damaged, then my outcomes will be flawed.  And the one thing I depend on to tell if I am sane is the very thing I am forced to diagnose to determine my sanity.  I could ask another person, but how do I know they are all there?

I have noticed reality is not uniform and is not shared and recently figured out it also does not remain constant for any period of time.   In fact, even the time we use to measure reality are illusions.   They are attempts by man to control what is beyond their control.   We can't stop time.  We can't move through it faster or slower than it moves.   We try to contain it in months, days, weeks, minutes, hours, seconds...but these are flawed as leap years and time adjustments prove.   No two people can see the same thing because no two people can occupy the same spot, so even adjacent perspectives are not identical.  Men see less color than women do.   Men judge distance better than women can.  These are scientific realities.   These principles also prove that no two people see the same thing.   One of our five senses is unreliable.  Lucky we have others, right?  Wrong.

Every sense, the five "separate" senses are all tied to and processed by the same central location: the brain.  I know some scientific inclined readers (if I have any) are saying to themselves this is rather simplistic and wrong, but I am going for simplistic and I learn from being wrong, so please correct me.   Back to it...

Every sense, the five "separate" senses are all tied to and processed by the same central location: the brain.    If that central processor is not working right, as I said above, then what it produces can't be right either and we have no way of knowing.    I don't believe people know they are insane, but rather are the ones going around saying everyone else is crazy.   They see a society that doesn't work as they believe it should and say to themselves "the one eyed man is king in the world of the blind"...or maybe it is just me.

See how easy it is for reality to be called into question?  Some of you (again, assuming there is more than one reader) agreed with what I said above and others of you think I am nuts.  A few want to know more and most wonder why even bothered posting this or spending the time writing it.   Who's right?   I know: you are, but seriously- which is the reality answer?   Am I babbling?   Am I speaking truths?  Am I spitting out philosophy 101 nonsense or approaching some truth?

Who the fuck knows and who the fuck really cares?   Odds are, in this reality not a single person sees this.

4 comments: said...

Just finished reading a book "The Illusion of Technique" by William Barrett. You basically said in less than 150 words what the whole book is all about. Excellent post from my perspective. Keep Truck'in

Brad Schader said...

THank you. Now I need to learn how to make it take a book instead of 150 words. Gotta learn the art of the filibuster. THank you.

joanie78 said...

Put it all together Talk about how y got through the two years. Talk about how you are getting through the now. Then put it all together and you have your book. My friends tell me they love how you write. Post it more
Love you🌹 said...

Not that I'm an expert in this area because everyone has to do it in their own way, but sometimes, like a quilt, the pieces are already there in front of you and it's just a matter of putting them all together in the order you want and then fuse them together. It seems to me you already have amazing content; perhaps all that is needed is to connect the dots. Fare-Forward!