Thursday, May 26, 2016

Can't Happen Here Until It Does

Godwin’s Law (also argumentum ad Naziumreductio ad Hitlerum,[2] or a Hitler Card) was formulated by the attorney Mike Godwin (former general counsel for the Wikimedia Foundation) in the 1990s and states:
As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.
Godwin's Law

At the risk of breaking Godwin's law, I would like to talk about this election because it is not totally unprecedented in this world; it is in America, but if one studies history, one can clearly see where these two ideological concepts have confronted one another before and yes I am speaking indirectly about Trump vs Clinton.    It was in the 40's of the last century that we last saw this fight and we now can see that we all lost regardless of who won.   And yes, I am talking about Hitler vs Stalin.   Today, we have this exact same dynamic fighting for control of the world, defined by Left vs Right as if that has any meaning.

America today sees a Nationalistic bigoted hate-filled demagogue seeking power using the demonetization of a Semitic people and immigrants on the right fighting with a fan of the cold war, a fan of centralized power, a fan of unquestioning loyalty, a fan of revenge, and a fan of endless conflict in the name of showing strength and is clearly willing to inflict endless casualties in the name of attaining their goals.   It truly is Hitler vs Stalin and we can't win.   And, to make matters worse, each side is so terrified of the other that they are willing to overlook and excuse their own devil in the name of stopping the other.   They will win the fight and we will lose the war.   Add in another cliche because things work better in three's.

The best line of the Star Wars saga comes from the worst movie, but it is still a great line and applies directly to this year's election:

It is not too late for the only real hope America has.  Don't let America fall to Stalin or Hitler.   Our ancestors fought too hard and died too horribly to allow that to happen here.

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