Friday, May 13, 2016

Far Too Serious

Today is all about perverting and destroying.  I am tired of seeing this snow white back drop and feel a need to desecrate it with lots of black shapes that, in theory, combine for form letters that, in theory, combine to form words which, in theory, combine to  form sentences which, in theory, will convey thought.   I say "in theory" because I have nothing to say and couldn't spell it if I could.  My spell-check has gone on strike due to overuse.  It demands a vacation.  I thought that when I retired from that political war zone that it would get its vacation, but it seems I am just writing more on Facebook and here, so no vacation was forthcoming.  

Here is my dilemma- I have opinions on this current Presidential race, but am unmotivated to share them for some odd reason.   Usually I am quite eager to spread the gospel as I see it, but this election has made me feel it would be moot.   Fear is the driving force this election cycle and fear has a Teflon covering when it comes to reality.   Nobody actually likes whom they plan to vote for, but are just more scared of the other side to bother actually finding someone they like.     It is as if they don't realize voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil and, as this is primary season, there was no rational reason to support evil in the name of fighting your greatest fear.    And now we realize MY greatest fear: either Trump or Clinton is going to win.    Thanks America.

I miss the days of Britney Spears shaving her head, of American Idol promoting horrible singers, of Paris Hilton doing stupid things and Jessica Simpson saying them.   I miss Justin Bieber driving badly and I really miss Dan Qualye.    I miss when life provided comedy.   I miss when life was silly and we were actually consumed with complaining about it.    I miss when our greatest gripe was that the iPhone was coming out in a new color and we already bought the black one.

It is weird, as I never thought the 80's, the 90's, or even the 00's would be looked back on fondly.   Man I am sick of how serious the world is today.

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joanie78 said...

You would of loved the 60's. Vietnam and The Monkeys. Even my congressional choice is making me choke. Alan Grayson....seriously running for Rubio spot. Oh dear. Well there always local election..that 's right. Our council is crooked and all being voted out!!!!!!
Then again I heard Canada is nice