Thursday, March 24, 2016

To the Tune of "I Will Survive"

First I was a Republican
Because I was terrified
I kept hoping the GOP would keep the good lord on my side
I spend so many nights
Looking underneath my bed
Not realizing
The boogeymen were only in my head
So I became a Democrat
In hopes that things would change
I voted for people I denied were deranged
I did the things I did to keep the GOP from me
Now I'm regretting all my votes
I have cast for the presidency
Because nothing will change
Regardless of the name
The policies remain despite the failure that they gain
The choices we all face
Should not be considered for a bit
We are forced to choose between a pile a feces and pure sh_t
Oh no, not I
I want to survive
I won't vote for anyone who wants war to only thrive
I would rather be a spoiler or vote from my heart
Than vote for a loser who will tear this place apart

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