Friday, October 28, 2011

Some OWS parodies

To the tune of the Theme from the Monkees

Here we come
The 99%
We should be looking for a job
So we can pay our rent

Hey, hey
We're protesting
Gives us something to do
Gives me an excuse
So I can blame my problems on you

We're just trying for handouts
Pissed my lotto numbers didn't win
Then I would be real rich
And the 1% would let me join in


Mine eyes have seen the ever shifting reasons for the protest
The justifications shifting like a tumbleweed in the Old West
The hatred of the 1 without defining the 99 percent
Their protest rages on

In their anger logic and reason it seems they did abort
They protest the very people who Obama just did court
They refuse to define their reasons because it will lessen their support
Their madness rages on

Camera, camera
Take my picture
Media, media
Show me on the TV
Internet, internet
Show my neat sign
This bullshit rages on

And one pro to the tune of 50 Ways to Leave your Lover.

It seemed lately I could not find a job
I had become an unkempt unemployed and unmotivated slob
Until one day
When I saw on the TV
About 50,000 like me

It then struck me that I must get involved
Even though I did not believe this is a problem that could be solved
I went do DC
And wouldn't you believe
Obama was calling out to me

Can't think of a chorus though.

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