Friday, October 21, 2011

Not A Parody This Time

The Republicans are crazy and evil and the Democrats are emotional and stupid and neither seems to work very well. I keep hoping that we will wake up to the realization that we don't have two parties; we have the left and right side of a single party with a stranglehold on the system. The American people were supposed to be the ones steering this ship we call America and now pawns to be brought out every two years for this masturbation we call elections. Our system is rigged and the ones we count on to change it are the same ones who profit from the corrupt system; it is like putting convicts on their own parole board.

I look at the Tea Party and the Occupy movement and I keep seeing how similar their complaints are and how they view the same problems and am amazed they are fighting one another rather than working together. It is as if the system has invented a new way to divide us even more.

Think of it like this: insanity is defined as doing the same thing and expecting different results. For over 100 years we have looked to the Republicans to clean up Democrat messes and then to the Democrats to fix the Republican messes and we wonder why things never get any better. The answer is simple actually: there is always another election in two years and there is always a need for a good wedge issue. That is why there is still the gay marriage and abortion debates regardless of both parties holding all the branches of government at various times.

Pardon my rant, but these are thoughts I have been holding in lately and are just growing within me. This is not some manifesto or anything, so don't go worrying about that. I know you are thinking “well, what would you do,” so I am actually going to give some ideas:

1.Sell bonds with a greater return rate than anything else on the market to encourage reinvestment in America. I listen to old radio programs a lot and I hear ads for war bonds all the time where they say “get back $5 for every $4 you invest.” That is a 20% return. Who wouldn't take a guaranteed return like that in this economy?

2.End the wars and that includes our drone strikes in various countries. When Obama took office, we were involved in 2 countries; today we are involved in 6. Even with Iraq ending at the end of this year, we are still in more conflicts today than when Obama took office. That strikes me as furthering the PNAC agenda.

3.Use the money saved from ending the occupations to rebuild the nation's infrastructure. To help with employing the returning troops, offer them incentive programs to join a “Peace Corps” like group for domestic repair.

4.End the Electoral College. There was a time for it, but that time has passed. The internet, television, and radio makes the issue of candidates not getting to every state irrelevant. Everyone can hear and see all the candidates. Also, states with a greater percent of the population should have a greater percent of the vote. What the Electoral College does is not so much as give smaller states and equal voice as it gives people who live in bigger states a smaller voice.

5.End Corporate and Union donations to national races. The people who are members of both already have rights as individuals and giving rights to Corporations or Unions gives a second set of rights to the board of directors of those organizations and that is not fair as they control bottomless pockets.

OK, the whole “numbered list” thing doesn't help my “this is not a manifesto” argument, but it I swear it isnt. I am just someone who spends a lot of time debating politics online and is trying to figure out a solution that will actually work.

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