Sunday, August 28, 2016

How to Change the Subject

So there is a serious issue with the Clinton Foundation and people giving money to it in exchange for access to the State Department during Clinton's tenure.   There is an obvious pattern that has emerged and it is a serious issue that we must talk about, so what are we talking about?   What the Foundation does with the money...but that is not the question.

Let me say this upfront: yes the Clinton Foundation has done some great work.   Yes, the Clinton Foundation has used the money it makes for really great things.   There, I said it.   Now can we talk about the real issue?   Can we talk about countries like Saudi Arabia giving millions for "women's rights issues" and then getting billions in arms sales?   Do you really think Saudi Arabia cares two shits about women's rights issues?  

Why don't we get the complete meeting schedule?   They were quick to point out what we had was incomplete, but hesitant to correct the record.   Do they think their credibility is THAT good that all they have to do is say it is wrong?

Did Russia hack the Clinton's server?  Maybe.  Possibly.  Probably.   Does that change the information?  Nobody has denied any of it, but they changed the subject to Russia.   I thought Clinton said her server was never hacked.    What about all those classified emails she said didn't exist that are coming out?  What about the fact more emails have been discovered than she turned in?    Let's not talk about any of that- Trump might be a Russian agent.

BULLSHIT!  TRUMP IS A DEMOCRAT AGENT!  Trump does a great job of both destroying the GOP while constantly saying something stupid to distract the media from Clinton's problems.   It happens every single time Clinton faces bad news.   Any real candidate would seize these negative Clinton stories, not make themselves the news.

This election is, in the words of Woody Allen, this election "is a travesty.  It's a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham."

Ever Feel Like You've Been Had?- Johnny Rotten

2 comments: said...

. . . and what about Bernie's endorsement of Hillary, it just doesn't make any sense. Hillary is the antithesis of everything Bernie stands for.
He could still be relevant if he would renounce his support of Hillary and then join forces with Jill Stein. Some radical he's turned out to be. Stay tuned😎

Brad Schader said...

Bernie made a promise when he started running as a Democrat. I was and am disappointed he made that promise, but am proud of him for sticking to it. If more politicians stuck to their word, we would have a much better nation.