Friday, August 26, 2016

Babbling Again

The other day humanity farted and out emerged another political thought
Drafted out of feces' odor and a health helping of opinions bought
It spread out like a fart does do and slowly filled the room
Everyone smelled it, nobody  dealt it, and and finger pointing began too soon
The discussion soon changed from changing the odor to finding the person to blame
The odor became secondary to the attempts at winning the game
Everyone said it was impossible for their fart to smell that way
It has to be from someone who hates us, farted on purpose, then ran away
"If it were me" one person said, "you would know it before it smelt
Because my farts are loud and they leave no doubts as to from whom it was dealt."
"I think it came from a woman" another said " as it has a perfumery smell."
"YOU ARE A SEXIST!" another one screamed and condemned the speaker to Hell.
"I think it was a foreigner who passed this gas as it has an ethnic feel"
"We have to fart over there so they don't fart over here!  That is the obvious deal!"
And so it went on and it went on and on and never did it end
They blame you and you blame them; it's easier to pretend
That the fart was always with us and we can't do a thing about it
Just hold your nose, with eyes tightly closed, and pretend it isn't shit.


joanie78 said...

Well said. A perfect description of today's politics. I hate this election. More experience, due to age, never has been but afraid this is just the beginnings said...

Life too . . Pretending their shit don't stink. What are they afraid of?