Monday, October 04, 2010

The Big 3/4th!

Well, that was fucking FUN! I went to see Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer last night. Wouldn't you know this was the first show I was running late for in my life? For the first time in Metal history, a show that was supposed to start at 7 actually began at 6:45: old rocker friendly! The sad part is that I ended up missing half of Anthrax. I came in as "Indians" was hitting the climax.

What I did hear and see of Anthrax blew me away! They sounded better than ever and age has not slowed them down at all; either speed of music or antics on stage. They know how to work a crowd and get them ready for the chaos to come.

Megadeth came out next and started by playing 1991's Rust in Peace from beginning to end and then followed with a mix of new and old songs. I did not get the songs I wanted from the mix, but my fandom is pretty much limited to the first four of theirs, so I didn't expect much considering they have 30 years of material to choose from and I was lucky to get what I did. They did not really engage the crowd much, but that is what you expect from Dave Mustane: ego. He makes up for it with skill and my G-d was that on display.

Slayer...never a fan so I didn't hang around for them actually. It was a Sunday show and I had a 10 am meeting scheduled for Monday. If one of those two were not true, I would have stayed. Slayer is Slayer and a legend of metal.

Now then, if you want entertainment you must go check this tour out. The 35+ Mosh pit was something to behold. No kids allowed and it was awesome as kids today do not know how to mosh properly. It is not a fight and not about drawing blood. No fists, no elbows, no knees. If someone falls, pick them up. Any kid that tried to mosh was quickly tossed to the sidelines since they don't seem to understand the order of the chaos.

Did I mosh? No, but I always seem to be on the outer rim of the pit so I am always right there anyway.

It was the 80's reborn with bald spots! So fun.

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