Saturday, January 30, 2010


It's a dream
It's real
It's a real dream
A wet dream
A nocturnal emission
Drug induced in a cheap motel room tribute
Biblical in nature
Circular in shape
Arrogant in disposition
Fullback in position
French souffle' surprise
My eyes can't take the stares of the masses
Late for classes
Rambling in the frost bitten haze of youth
Folly and misguided
Given to miss and miss to given
The world turns slowly outside a counter-clockwise cafe
Have you seen it
My dream
It's real


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your mother said...

what ever that person said
i know you already did forget about it...that had nothing to do with what you wrote...speaking of which
did you write that and when I liked it

Kanrei said...

I wrote it the night I posted it, about 30 seconds before hand. I just closed my eyes and typed and that came out. Well, one change: it was originally "Doggie style in position," but I thought that was too dirty.