Friday, February 13, 2009

Can't See the Friday for the Woods

Another week come to an end and so quickly too! I have been waiting for today for months and I cannot believe it is here already: I am almost not fully psyched yet it came so fast. Yes, today is not only Friday, and not only Friday the 13th, but is the fourth Friday the 13th in my life that I am going to see a new Friday the 13th movie in the theaters! This is not so much of a day as it is an event in my reality! Jason returns, I am 37, and I am going to see a new Friday the 13th movie tonight in a theater filled hopefully with a large crowd of very vocal and easily frightened young people. I can’t wait for that first cat to run across the screen to create that fake scare and hear the teenage girls all scream in unison. I am counting on at least one “he’s behind you” as well. Yes, I love vocal theater crowds; reminds me I am seeing the movie in a theater.

Happy weekend and a “ch-ch-ch-ha-ha-ha” to you all!


Your mother said...

Have Fun

VE said...

Well be sure to tell us how it was. I've heard it's pretty good.