Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy Sabbath

Even though today is Friday, a day traditionally set aside for non-deep thought, I find myself with my faith very heavily on my mind right now and is keeping me from cutting loose as a Friday does so rightly deserve. You see, right now Israel is invading Gaza. The reasons for this invasion differ depending upon who you ask and what side they were on before the invasion began, but an invasion is happening right now and once again, as a Jew, I am being subjected to an endless onslaught of anti-Semitic images and words as a result.

It seems that every time Israel acts, the world Jewish community takes the hit. In this particular case I happen to agree with Israel's actions, but not in every case, but either way I often find myself in a position of being forced to defend Israel because the people attacking them are using words like “Jews” instead of “Israelis.” It is an important distinction to keep straight; I am not an Israeli, but I am a Jew.

I have spent 37 years of my life in America and only 10 days in Israel. I cannot speak Hebrew or Arabic, but I can speak English. I am American and Jewish. Hold me accountable for things America does and hate me for what my country does, but please stop confusing Israelis with Jews. I have no more control over what Israel does than any Catholic has over what the Vatican does or any Protestant over what England does, so to hold me and mine accountable is a just as bad sin as that which is being committed by both sides in the middle east today- the suffering of the innocent.

I write this to beg the media and the bloggers and everyone else discussing these events to please remember that, while Israelis may be overwhelmingly Jewish, not all Jews are Israeli and it is wrong to condemn an entire faith for the actions of one nation.

Happy weekend and sorry to be so heavy.


your mother said...

a point well taken

Serena said...

Yes, I agree with your mother. You make some excellent points.

VE said...

I didn't know you'd been to Isreal! You've been somewhere I haven't! Speaking of going somewhere...I'll be in Miami for two nights (one before and one after our cruise) in mid April. Staying at the Hotel Victor on Miami Beach. Sorry I haven't been over to the blog...I've really been bad at getting the time to visit all my favorites. I made a special trip over to yours though.

Kanrei said...

Send me an email VE so maybe we can meet if you have time when you are here.

The Mother said...

Is that around 7tha nd Ocean drive