Friday, November 07, 2008

My Promise

Yesterday was "Your Mission," so today is "My Promise."

This is the last Political Friday, I swear, but I have a promise to make and it is important because none of my blogger buddies knew me when we had a Democratic president and therefore probably assume me to be a liberal based on the last eight years. I am not a liberal, although I do lean left on65% of the issue, but what I am is a libertarian and a strict Constitutionalist who believes it is the sacred duty of all citizens to never allow their governments to rule unquestioned. I am promising to you that, even though I voted for Obama, I will hold him to every standard I held Bush too and will never look the other way simply because he is a liberal. I will watch every move and question every choice. My loyalty is to my country and to my state and to my family and that is all, and it is also in the reverse order since my family comes first and my state does come before my country. Does this make me a traitor or simply someone who believes in the 10th Amendment? That is for other people to decide.

My sarcasm, my quick wit, and my incredibly partial analysis will continue in the name of all Wayward Lemmings, regardless of who you voted for or who you voted against.

Have a great weekend...even if you voted McCain =P


Serena said...

We SHOULD watch every move and question every decision. We gave him the job; now we play "supervisor" to ensure that he's living up to the assurances he gave us in his "resume."

VE said...

I'm questioning your patriotism right now!!! ha ha

PS – You better not miss my post for Fri 11/14. I’m one post shy of 600 and out of those there are only 3 current pictures of VE and NONE of him when he was younger. Ever wonder what teen VE looked like? Here’s your opportunity to find out along with a mega embarrassing meme as well. It’s not pretty.