Sunday, December 04, 2011

One story from my the wedding of my sister

Had an amazing weekend at my sister’s Wedding to her perfect man and I am happy to have him in our family, but that is not the purpose of this posting. This posting is to share a really funny moment I hope translates to text and isn't a “you had to be there moment.”

The wedding was held at a nature preserve and, as most nature preserves do, this one had a gift shop showcasing local artist to help raise money and this particular nature reserve was smart enough to keep it open on a night there was a weed ing reception with an open bar.

Anyone who knows me knows I am very uncomfortable in a social setting and this night I found myself staying with my big brother; I suppose finding security in his shadow. Anyway...I caught him looking at some of the art and debating buying something which, in my little brother state, had me looking at the art with a purchase in mind as well. I found myself standing before a scroll with a koi fish ying yang that was next to a larger copy of the same scroll (important to note there was a larger copy hanging).

As I was looking and pondering a purchase, my unle came up behind me and asked if I was buyi g something. After saying out loud “I think I I'll regret not buying it,” I bought the smaller version.

That was set up; now the story:

When not clinging to my big brother, I was spending time catching up with my two cousins whom I don't see very often. They have great senses of humor that, like mine, can often drift into “blue” territory. This time would be no different.

I sat at their table with my purchase in a bag. I don't use real names so I will call them Michelle and Liz.

Liz: what did you buy?
Me: A scroll with fish
Michelle: let’s see it
Liz: yeah, take it out
Me: Um...I know we’re Southern, but...

They caught it and it began: they were Office fans too and we began sharing our favorite “that’s what she said” moments and he innuendo kept escalating and escalating as did the laughter.

Finally, my mom walked up to the table and, while speaking of the scroll I bought, said “did you show it to your cousins yet, or should they see the big one in the hall?”

I stared at Michelle trying to refrain from saying anything...this was my MOTHER, but was such a fucking great set up. I saw my cousins had as many remarks flooding her mind as I did and they couldn't say anything because this was their aunt. We just sat silent and staring and holding the flood in.

As my mom turned to leave, we just lost it.

I hope this translated into a story and wasn't a moment.

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