Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Frankenstein's Earworm

The song I have in my head today is one of my own creation, which should be a cool thing except that it is only in my head. Oh, the musical aspect of it is on my iPad and has been for 2 days now, but the vocal part, one I swore to give up on trying, is on a repeat cycle in my cranium which happens to have amazing acoustics, but I digress...

The problem seems so simple which only seems to complicate it; the Earworm only consists of two lines: 1) They're Getting Ready; 2) Time to Run. The first line is repeated 3 times and the last only once. Sounds simple, right? Two fucking days I have sung those two lines over and over and over again in various pitches and even trying silly voices hoping they might sound cool to no avail. All I have accomplished is having it perfected in my head, mocking me as it now knows I lack the ability to get it out.

How do you kill an Earworm you have no way of sharing?

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