Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To the Tune of "St Stephen" by the Grateful Dead

This Hurt to Write

St Sarah
With her bus
Skipping events
Just because
Will she run
She doesn't know
Anything to make her bank account grow

Sarah prospered
Then she quit
Mobile talking point spewing
Either way she cannot lose
Sarah is employed by Fox News

Election season
She has no reason
Why is she touring across the USA
Skipping rallies
Her decision dallies
Anything to keep her in the press today
And she keeps talking
And she keeps balking
When the subject of her running comes around again

St Sarah
Go away
It's the greatest thing
You could do today
To save this nation
Shut your mouth....**

*It hurt writing a Dead parody about Palin.
** In honor of St Sarah, the writer of this parody quit before it was finished

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