Thursday, May 19, 2011

My First of Many Thoughts on 40

OK, this one will be a bit convoluted, so do your best to follow my train-wreck of thought. In my defense, I am turning 40.

So, I am turning 40, but I feel like I am turning 30. This would mean my 20's lasted 20 years. Assuming this makes the start of a pattern, then that would mean my new 30's will last 30 years and I won't have to worry about 40 until I am 70. Of course, this does mean I will be turning 50 at 110, so odds are I will have a very inactive 50's and I don't even want to get into how my 60's would be starting at 160, but for now I am quite happy to be turning 30 at 40.

Of course, all this is null and void since I am actually doing 39 again this year in honor of Jack Benny and don't even have to worry about any of this for quite some time to come...if ever. I can keep turning 39 for ever.

Confused yet?

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