Monday, April 18, 2011

Brief View on Scre4m (AKA Scream 4)

Brief View: That sucked eggs.

Longer View: No, that really sucked eggs and the eggs were rotten to begin with. I thought I was watching a parody of the Scream movies rather than an actual Scream flick. I mean the actors were there from the other Scream movies, and the mask was there, and the voice, the knife, the clumsy killer, but the frights...not so much.

To give you an idea how bad it was, I saw it on a Saturday night on opening weekend and, even though the theater was three-quarters full of teens, it was silent for the entire length of the movie. Seriously, not a single scream or shriek or even gasp for the entire runtime of this supposed "horror" movie.

I am not even going to go on with this review. It would be pointless. I am just not in the mood to be as negative as would be required to do this wreck of an insult of a parody of a horror movie. That alone should tell anyone who knows me just how horrid this movie was as I love to rag on weak movies. This was just bad, horrible, and not even good enough to mock.

There was one redeeming factor: I used a free pass so I didn't have to pay for this insult to my senses.

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