Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Naming Places of Tomorrow....Today!

In honor of Obama Elementary school opening up, I have decided to list some other places we really need opened and soon. Most are funny; some are stupid; and some are in really poor taste:

The Don Rumsfeld Center for Strategic Planning

The Florida School of Counting

The Newt Gingrich Fidelity Center

The Rush Limbaugh Institute of Drug Research

The Dr Laura Race-relations Outreach

Dan Quayle Airporte

George H W Bush High- Read my Lips: NO NEW GRADUATES

Clinton University- ask about our internships!

George W Bush College- Our sports teams suck, but boy can we cheer!

The Gerald Ford Gymnastics team.

George W Bush International Airport: planes take off for Saudi Arabia but end up in Iraq.

Billy Carter Rehab facility

Bristol Palin Abstinence center

Ronald Reagan Memory Center

The George Bush College of Pronuncication and Speechifying.

New...the Monica Lewisky Cigar Humidifier!

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