Monday, February 22, 2010

Reasoned Rational Reaction

It's so hard to glimpse at Heaven
When you know you're on the path to Hell
And it is futile to understand the reasons
When the pain you know too well
And the strength that once was your armor
Becomes a prison for your soul
An empty ceramic vessel
Where violent thoughts seek control
Directionless anger battering
Against the walls of reasoned rational thought
Forcing your gaze on the things you lack
Instead of shining the spotlight on what you've got
Repetitive in the redundancy
The redundant path to dismay
I willingly walk the corridor
Try to follow
I will show the way


VE said...

Nice...I see you're writing! When you find the way, send me a map. I'm forever lost in distractions...

Kanrei said...

Hi VE! I have been very active actually. I finished one story and am working on a script for a tv show. I just got my WGA paperwork for the first one in the mail today.