Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Paraskevidekatriaphobia's Worst Day

Yesterday was Thursday, the 12th. I went to the Quick Stop (yes, it really is called Quick Stop, but there is no video store next to it) and purchased $10 worth of goods, including a single $1 scratch off ticket. I won $4. I turned it into 4 more tickets and won $10. Rather than press my luck, I took my free items and left happy.

Today is Friday, the 13th. I woke up to the lovely sounds of my cats fighting under my bed. A check engine light on my car that I already paid to have fixed on Monday returned. I went to the bank to find that I was $2.97 short, which added $64 in overdraft fees (it was $2.63 over and then some .34 cent bank charge) and I was officially $70 in the hole! The car place said they would have to charge me $91 to see what is wrong with my car and only if it was the same problem would they wave it.

YAY FRIDAY THE 13TH you devious bastard you! The betablockers my doctor put me on are working however, because I am almost Budda calm at the moment despite my string of set backs. I was able to get the $91 waved after all and the check engine light was something that went loose. The bank will forgive me these fees one last time (I have a history) so long as I open a savings or money market to act as overdraft protection. Done!

I think/hope/pray/beg/plead/bribe/sacrifice my kitties that my string is over. They go in threes, right?

Happy Friday and, if you suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th), stay under the bed today.


Anonymous said...

Your sister in law and your mother also had a Friday the 13th kind of day ....but today the 14th looks beautiful...knock on wood and poo poo poo

Anonymous said...

Man are u one complaining pathetic sack of guano.

nanc said...

Friday the 13th was one of my best days of the past two months! Kanrei - don't go looking for trouble and when that little light on your dash stating "engine check" goes on again, remove the positive cable from your battery and put it back on - sometimes that does the trick - it is an ongoing thing for us on one of our vehicles.

Where have you been?

Kanrei said...

I will return when Wisgod does, but shhhh, I am not making a deal about it. I may not even return then...I am really enjoying being free of that place right now.

nanc said...

I was under the impression that suspensions were only for three weeks, yet wisgod is STILL on the list!

Perhaps if I get a troll at one of my places you'd like to come and play cat and mouse?

nanc said...

Did you just "shhhhh" me?



Anonymous said...

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