Sunday, August 20, 2017

Open Letter

You know shit has gotten real when Kanrei is called back into service.   I mean, what the fuck people?   I'm sitting here trying to indulge my art and the news just won't let me be.     So let me get this off my chest so I can get back to drawing...


Why do you care about Civil War statues?   Really; why?    Have you given this any thought or are you just reflexively reacting to something the other sides cares about?    Seriously, think about it.   I mean the last time I checked, the Republican Party was the "Party of Lincoln," not the party of Jefferson Davis.   You were clearly and unarguably on the right side of history on that one.    You even won the war!    Have you remembered that in your hysteria?    Have you realized these are statues of the losers?   And if that doesn't move you, let me remind you of this to appeal to that partisan hysteria that is going around: these are statues of Democrats!

I also feel I must point out that a good percent of you fighting over these statues are Christian.    Last time I checked, unless you are Catholic, idols are forbidden.   You can't worship engraved images.   Your fight to protect these statues reminds me of the Israelites wanting to keep their Golden Calf.  

Are these statues really that important to you?   Do you even live in the city where a statue is located or are you traveling on some kind of statue saving tour?   Have you seen these statues before?   Will your life change without them?

Maybe you are a Dixiecrat Idol Worshipping busy-body with some inner need to fight a Civil War to protect statues intended to remind us not to fight another Civil War.  

I don't know.   If you are willing to fight over a statue of Robert E Lee, maybe you will listen to his words:

We should live, act, and say nothing to the injury of anyone. It is not only best as a matter of principle, but it is the path to peace and honor. 
-Robert E. Lee

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