Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Poem for Joe

I will not Drudge up the Retort
Not even as a last resort
I will not go there for the news
Nor for its echo chamber views

I've come to see through all that clatter
That none of it will really matter
He said, she said, they all say
Will all not change the light of day

A quote, a note, a pathetic gloat
A hunt for a flag, crowd approval parade float
A glance from the god who watches the words
Rewarding the loyal's most devoted show of the absurd

I'm past it; I'm free; I am lose of it's grip
I no longer lurk or worry of a slip
I no longer enjoy politics being played as a sport
I no longer seek to gaze at any Retort.

And why "a poem for Joe" you may sit and wonder
But the answer is simple, no need to ponder
I know that you so hate when I make my words rhyme
And I'm on vacation; I had plenty of time.


joanie78 said...

A week without politics has been a joy. Although I do miss Joe. Not Donald or Hillary. Just Joe
As a matter of fact. Shocking as it may sound I may done with politics now. It has gotten so far away from making any sense. Everyone is out for what is good for them. It almost seems they need permission to hate. I cannot hate. I am done

gNoles said...

Very well done Kanrei! The best poem I've read of ya' yet :). Sending good vibes to you bud

Craig Tyson Adams said...

The choices we have
We should have better
It seems like we're cursed
We made someone angry
Why are we trapped?
We can't get out
It seems like the idiots
Have won out
We share a land mass
With them and
They are as dangerous
As they are plentiful

Anonymous said...

Miss you on the dark side!


Brad Schader said...

Thank you Gracie. Miss you too, but I won't be back anytime soon. At least not until after the election and only then if we can have fun again in the occasional thread. The atmosphere there is toxic and there is no joy in either reading or writing there. Send my love if you wish, but I am not returning in the near future.