Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Did I Ever Tell You Something Gross

This one will be slightly gross for the record...

I have to be honest and candid in my chronicle of this experience if I am going to bother writing about it.  My shame is secondary to my recording of this time of my life.   Lucky the experience thus far has destroyed most of my sense of modesty.   Here we go...you have bee warned.

I am quite tired of shitting myself at this point.   A 42 year old man has no business changing his boxers as often as I have been lately.  It seems my window from “I think I have to use the bathroom” to “where is the goddamned bathroom” is basically nil.  I can't even blink in the space between the two and it is getting annoying.  I have even been wearing Depends sporadically just to be safe.   Like I said before lucky I have no shame left.

Urinating is basically the same deal with the slight change of it not wanting to flow when it can.   The poo flows freely while the pee just likes to make itself known while not leaving.   The poo is a guest eager to depart via any opening it can find (prematurely ) while the pee is a guest content to stay and complain about its surroundings.

This probably didn't need to be posted to be honest, but this is a chronicle of what I am going through with this cancer and bowel mishaps are part of the saga.  I am Just shocked at how frequent they are.   I think a newborn has better bowel control at this point than I do.

Sorry to be gross

Still love ya, G-d

The modern day Job.

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