Friday, November 18, 2011

An Example of my Life

Ever work with people who thrive on drama and therefore must create it wherever they can? Me too. Here is one such story of how my days go:

On my way into work this morning I received a text from a tech who was scheduled to work tonight. She told me her daughter was in the hospital and she could not work tonight and that she was so sorry about that. This sucks, but shit happens. We had a busy week and I needed her to work tonight rather badly, but her child takes priority. Sadly, I had already given another tech this weekend off (she had asked on Monday).

When I got to work, the Office Manager was the only other person there and she had just returned from a week's vacation. I wanted to let her know about my schedule problem before anyone came it to present her with problems and I gave her a solution. I said:

“Hey, I know we have four patients tonight and one of my techs who was scheduled tonight called in because her daughter was taken to the hospital. I had given another tech the weekend off at the start of this week, so I need your approval to give Tech C some overtime.”

How did my Office Manager convey this to the rest of the staff when they arrived?

“Brad gave two techs the weekend off, so we need to find another tech or give Tech C overtime.”

The reality was I had the schedule covered, but an unforeseen event happened beyond my control.

The story she implied was I was irresponsible and fucked up and am costing the company money unless they can think of a solution.

To my mom and Boss who will read this, DO NOT DO ANYTHING! I am just venting which is part of what my blog is for.

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