Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Palestinian Tar Baby

Brer Middle East and Brer Europe have set a trap for Brer America. A Palestinian Tar Baby holding a sign that reads "Statehood?" has been placed on the UN road and Brer America needs to just walk on by.

It is a smart trap. Brer Middle East and Brer Europe knows Brer America can't not help, but also can't help too much. They know Brer America will first trying to move it, thus getting slightly entangled in it. Brer America will then start shuffling back and forth, to and fro, to free himself from it, but will only end up getting more entangled. Finally, Brer America will fight against the Tar Baby and end up weakened, messy, and stuck in the end.

Brer Middle East and Brer Europe don't care for the Tar Baby, they just like the damage they know will be caused by its introduction to Brer America's ego. The best thing for Brer America to do is nothing.

The moral of the story is America should not vote at all. A "yes" vote or a "no" vote is getting entangled in the Tar Baby and we can't win. Let the vote turn out however it will turn out free from our involvement.

The Title is also a link to this same article on where you can see either the abuse or support I get for it. Either way, should be an interesting read.


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