Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Failure Day!

Happy Failure Day AKA Columbus Day! Today is the day to not achieve one of your stated goals, yet be declared a success anyway! For examle, did you know the banks did not intend to be closed today, but rather every teller just got lost on their way to work and declared the Burger King they found themselves at a bank. The mail is being delivered today, but the postal workers are just dropping envelopes in random places and declaring those places as the right address. And I did take the day off, so I am sitting in my office and doing work, but I am calling it "watching TV."

Ironically, in Washington DC, this is just called "Monday."


Your mother said...

You are too funny

VE said...

Ha! I love reading your blog on Columbus Day!

Kanrei said...

Hmmm...I forgot all about last year's rant. Thank G-d I didn't repeat myself.

This was pretty good too: I guess Columbus really is a real American hero and deserving of his own holiday. He did not discover the physical land of America, but perhaps he did discover the “close but no cigar” attitude that makes us and drives us to mediocrity.

Cotton Yarn Suppliers said...

hehehehe.... that a great jock here. ha good one..