Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Kanrei Sloth Diet

Tired of the pressure to look fit and be swell? Ever feel like entropy was meant to be your guide in life? Then it is time to try the new Kanrei Sloth Diet! Lose muscle and gain fat today with one easy step- DO NOTHING!

"Can it really be that simple?"

Yes my friends, it can. By simply "doing nothing," I promise you those unwanted pounds of muscle will just slowly fade into fat. And remember kids, fat weighs less than muscle.

Why spend hours in the gym and thousands of dollars to GAIN WEIGHT when losing weight is the name of the game? Simply do nothing and watch those pounds just ooze away.

Order now, and I will include the Kanrei Malnutrition Guide to help you maximize you sloth filled hours.

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nanc said...


before 50, i could eat 3000 calories a day and stay around 125 - after 50 and if i look at the photos of food in my cookbooks i GAIN five pounds!