Friday, June 05, 2009

Its Been a While

Its been a few weeks, but I am posting. My home computer officially died last night, been on life support for a few weeks and very unreliable and it finally went on to the great motherboard in the sky so my blogging is now even more restricted. I am tempted to buy a new computer, but I also don't really use it much anymore since I quit smoking and, with the economy being what it is right now, am not sure a new computer is really the smart thing to invest in right now. Besides, I still have access at work although I can't go to those NSFW sites I do so love at work...oh well.

I cannot tell you how honored I was to see 6 comments. I can't believe you all still stopped by to check on me. It brings a tear to the eye...sincerely.

Nanc, I will not post this on DR, but here is a link to 73 of my published articles. They were done at Blogcritics, so I wasn't paid for them, but it was still flattering and an honor to see your name in print and I was even quoted in Slate more than once as a result. It was awesome! Here is the link: My writings. Hope you like it although I already know you won't agree with much, but only half my writing was political there. I also did reviews and human interest stories.

Have a great weekend to you all.


nanc said...

found the link - i've added it to my secret blog and will read at my leisure. thankx!

VE said...

Humans have interests? ;)